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Configuring the username and email for commit

In order to be able to commit on remote repositories, you will have to ensure that you configured your username and email address on your git local and have access to the remote repo

  1. to check your git configuration run this on your command line either globally or on the specific folder you are working on:cat .git/config
  2. If you haven’t had any git configuration, you can add them globally or locally on the working folder

Add globally:

  1. Add username: on your command line, run:
    git config --global "USER_NAME"
  2. Add email address that you have the access to remote:
    git config --global ""

Setup the local folder different from global configuration, remove the --global :

  1. Add username locally:
    git config "USER_NAME"
  2. Set your email address locally
    git config ""
  3. then check if all correct:
    cat .git/config