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Sail is the drush or wp-cli equivalent for Laravel which is a light-weight CLI. sail is stored in the docker-compose.yml in the project root.


Install sail with Composer:

composer require laravel/sail --dev

After Sail has been installed, you may run the sail:install Artisan command. This command will publish Sail’s docker-compose.yml file to the root of your application:

php artisan sail:install

By default, to run the sail it’s : .vendor/bin/sail up -d

Setup alias

Instead of typing all those path, you should make an alias on the bash profile. Run these command and you don’t have to edit the .bash profile:

export COMPOSE_FILE=docker-compose.yml
alias sail='bash vendor/bin/sail'


Start & stop


sail up

Start with detached mode:

sail up -d

That should give you the location of your development site, most likely on

nt server:
laravel.test_1  | [Wed Mar 17 03:04:28 2021] PHP 8.0.1 Development Server ( started

To stop all containers:

sail down